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Sales, Repair and Installation of Air Conditioning in the Niagara Region

Look no further than PROCARE Heating and Cooling when you are in need of air conditioning installation in the Niagara Region. Our sales team will help you to determine the right product for your home and ensure that you are satisfied with the results. We will help you with everything from sales and rentals to installation and repairs. Call us to learn more.

Better Energy Efficiency

An air conditioning system is more than just a piece of equipment. It’s a home comfort system for your entire family during the hot summer months. A proper high-efficiency cooling system can also save you money on energy bills. We offer new installations, replacements, repairs, services, sales and maintenance on residential systems and light commercial systems.

Ongoing Support

At PROCARE Heating and Cooling, our relationship with you doesn’t end when the installation ends. We provide ongoing support, service, and expert advice for all your cooling needs. Regular air conditioning services and tune-ups can maintain your equipment’s efficiency and performance. Our service and maintenance checks will help to identify and diagnose any cooling problems and prevent expensive issues in the future.

Servicing All Makes and Models

If you are experiencing problems with your cooling system or are concerned about age or energy efficiency, we will give you the best advice and options to help you decide whether to repair or replace your equipment. We can service all makes and models for all your cooling needs.

Air Conditioner FAQs

  • When should I have my air conditioner serviced/cleaned?
    Contact PROCARE Heating and Cooling once a year in the spring, before you turn your unit on, to have your heating system inspected and cleaned.
  • Should I repair or replace my air conditioner?
    Older equipment are usually less energy-efficient and more likely to break down due to continuous wear and tear. Hence, the costs related to operating and maintaining older equipment can be very high. Based on the problem and the type of equipment you own, the expenses to repair your unit can turn out to be costly, and replacement parts may be difficult to find. If you tend to notice that a few areas of your house are too hot or too cold, it only means that your system is not working at its full capacity. Also, if your heating system is too noisy, it may be telling you it’s time for a new one.
  • What type of refrigerant should I use?
    Freon refrigerant has been used in cooling systems since 1930. And while it is still available, the Clean Air Act of 1990 prohibited the production of Freon-22 based air conditioners and heat pumps in 2010, and Freon-22 production entirely by 2020. As Freon-22 production declines, the cost increases. Puron® refrigerant, 410A, is chlorine-free and environmentally sound and won’t deplete the ozone layer. Our heat pumps and air conditioners using Puron refrigerant show exceptional reliability.

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Feel Comfortable With a Factory Authorized Guarantee

We are all about your comfort. And that includes making you feel comfortable about your decision to purchase a Carrier system. That’s why Carrier Factory Authorized Dealers offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Look for the Factory Authorized Dealer icon next to the business name when searching for a dealer and ask them for important terms and details.

HVAC Services You Can Count On

Schedule your services with us today and we can talk about your HVAC needs. We will work with you to provide reliable solutions and a comfortable in-home environment.

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