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Useful Tips and FAQs

PROCARE Heating and Cooling offers repairs, sales and installation on furnaces, boilers, air conditioning systems, fireplaces, hot water tanks, and more. Read our tips and FAQ to learn how to make your HVAC systems last longer. Call us to learn more.

When should I replace my HVAC system?

If you start hearing unusual noises or face heating or cooling problems, let our HVAC professionals check whether your HVAC system needs a replacement. A new unit will be energy-efficient and hence result in lower operating costs.

How to check that the systems are in proper working order when buying a new house?

You'll need a professional to determine the exact problem (if any) and to offer maintenance or repairs. However, the following steps could be useful to determine whether your system is in proper working order:

  • Check for unusual sounds
  • Feel the airflow
  • Find out whether the home is at the correct temperature using your thermostat

Let our contractors inspect the system if you feel something is wrong.

Why should we purchase a high SEER system?

High SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) systems use less energy to cool your home. This allows you to save on your energy bill.

How to ensure that I use less energy during winters?

You may ensure that you use less energy during winters by using the following methods:

  • Make sure your furnace is working fine and your filters are clean
  • Check windows and doors to prevent warm air from escaping
  • Keep your windows locked at all times
  • Avoid curtains that block sunlight; this is because by letting sunlight into your home, you will lessen the burden on your heater

How frequently should I change my furnace filter?

Check your filter frequently during peak usage. If your filter is full of dust and debris, it’s time to replace it. However, electronic air cleaners are washable while other filters need replacing.

When to install a humidifier in my home?

Cold air lacks moisture and hence causes sore throats, stuffy nose, static electricity, and cracks in your wooden furniture. Typically, humidity in your home is around 30-50%. If the air in your home is drier than usual, you may think about the installation of a humidifier in your home.

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